La Casita

CASITA: /ka.ˈsi.t̪a/ In spanish it means literally “small house”
« Se puso a cortar troncos y pronto hubo una casita en aquel lugar. »

The Spanish phrase “Mi casa es tu casa” is well known to all, with this idea La Casita B&B was born.

Because for us home means family and hospitality, and that’s how we want you to feel when you stay with us.

Our B&B is that, a totally independent and renovated house ready to welcome you and make you feel at home.


Your Host

Two generations sharing the same spirit.



La Casita was born from an idea by Andrea and Macarena, a young couple of architects, who put all their strength and energy into transforming this small house; thanks to a careful renovation, they have given a new life to this beautiful place that today is ready to welcome you.

Andrea love to ride bicycles and make trekking, he can advise you on places to visit, both by foot or by bicycle on our mountains.

Macarena,she loves languages, to travel and meet people from different countries and cultures. She speaks Italian, Spanish, English and French, she will be at your service both during booking and during your stay.

Ezio, was born and raised in Boves, he will help you to discover this beautiful area, thanks to his valuable advice and great knowledge of the history and traditions of the territory.

Eralda, as a typical Italian mother, she is a great cooker and an excellent host, she will surprise you with her culinary knowledge, her smile and her hospitality, she will be able to advise you on where and what to eat.

Together we have turned a dream into reality, with our B&B we want to make you fall in love with this beautiful area.

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Mi casa
es tu casa

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